MTS MP range transfer switch

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MTS transfer switch
ISO 9001

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Metron Eledyne MTS Automatic Transfer Switch provides operation of electric fire pump motors from a alternate source of power when the normal source fails. They may be used with any Metron electric fire pump controller - across-the-line, primary resistance, part winding, Wye-Delta, Auto Transformer or Solid State Reduced Voltage Types. These transfer switches are an integral part of the fire pump controller. They are factory assembled, shipped and installed as a part of the controller.

The combination fire pump controller/transfer switch is listed by Underwriters' Laboratories, Factory Mutual, and meets all the latest requirements of Section 7-8 of NFPA Standard for Installation of Centrifugal Fire Pumps.
Asco Transfer switch user manual
Zenith Transfer switch user manual
Zenith Schematic diagram
MP300 with MTS Schematic pg1
MP300 with MTS Schematic pg2

MP430 with MTS Schematic pg1
MP430 with MTS Schematic pg2