Type MP700 - Electronic Soft Start (v4)

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ISO 9001

MP700 v4 Brochure
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Metron series MP700 Solid State Soft Start, reduced voltage, automatic Fire Pump Controllers provide "Soft" starting and "Soft" stopping of electric motors. This solid state starting method reduces the inrush current and mechanical shocks associated with other conventional reduced voltage starting types. At start-up, a break away current is provided, followed by a timed ramp-up to 500% of the motor's full load amps. Initial current steps as well as current ramp time are completely adjustable to provide optimum starting in any electrical motor driven fire pump application. The solid state unit is supplied with the following features:
Instantaneous Overcurrent Detection
Shorted SCR Detection
Phase Loss Monitor
Heatsink Over Temperature Switch

The MP700 series Soft Start electric Fire Pump Controllers utilizes a state of the art solid state motor controller. The motor voltage is raised to an intitial torque value (an adjustable value of locked rotor torque). The motor voltage is gradually incresased during the acceleration ramp time, (adjustable from approximately 3 to 30 seconds).
After a minimum run period and all starting causes have returned to normal, the solid state controller will initiate a stop sequence. This furncion will reduce surges in the pumping system during stopping a centrifugal pump by smoothly decelerating the motor at a selectable rate.

These controllers are withstand rated and listed by Underwriters' Laboratories to UL218 and approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation to FM 1321/1323.

Please note that the operating manuals are now stored on the SD card on each controller.

MP700 Operating Manuals (v4)
English Manual Russian Italian Manual German Manual Polish Manual French Manual Dutch Manual Portuguese Manual Spanish Manual Swedish Manual
MP700 Schematics pg1
MP700 Schematics pg2
MP700 General Arrangement, 380-415V 25hp to 125hp
MP700 General Arrangement, 380-415V 150hp to 200hp
MP700 General Arrangement, 380-415V 250hp
MP700 General Arrangement, 380-415V 300hp
MP700 Aux program information