Type MP430 - Combined Manual and Automatic Start (v3)

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ISO 9001

MP430 Brochure
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Metron Fire Pump Controllers conform to the latest requirements of Chapter 7, National Fire Protection Association Pamphlet 20, Standard for Centrifugal Fire Pumps as adopted by Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual. They are withstand rated and listed by Underwriters' Laboratories and approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation.
Sizes range from 15 to 700 horsepower, 200 to 600 volts, 60 Hz.

Star-Delta motors have all six leads brought out to the motor terminal box. These leads are connected by the controller first in the Wye configuration which draws only 33% of normal starting current and develops 33% of normal starting torque. After a short time delay, the controller then connects the motor winding in a Delta configuration, applying full voltage and drawing full load running current and developing full running torque.
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NEW ! Now with SD memory card data logging
MP430 Operating Manuals (v3)
English Manual Russian Italian Manual German Manual Polish Manual French Manual Dutch Manual
MP430 Schematics pg1
MP430 Schematics pg2
MP430 General Arrangement, 380-415V 25hp to 125hp
MP430 General Arrangement, 380-415V 150hp
MP430 General Arrangement, 380-415V 200hp to 300hp
MP430 General Arrangement, 380-415V 350hp to 400hp
MP430 Aux program information