The FD4e Diesel Controller (v5.02)

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FM ISO 9001

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The Metron Eledyne type FD4e controller is designed to specifically meet the latest NFPA 20, UL 218, IEC62091 and FM 1321/1323 standards for Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controllers. This enhanced version of the FD4e diesel controller is very similar to the previous versions, but with many new additional features.
Please note that the operating manuals are now stored on the SD card on each controller.

Click on 'AUX program' below for more information regarding the programming facilities. Updated May 2015 to include additional engine alarms.

New Main Features:
3 million event log 10 year pressure Log User settings change log
Battery 1 & 2 volts & Amps log First out annunciation, ISA-F1/3A Tested to 55C ambient
MODBUS fitted as standard Quick start set up facility Mains input, 95-250Vac, as standard
9x spare programmable inputs 10x spare programmable volt free 9x spare programmable Indicators
Charge from flat battery charge facility, fully automatic Set on site for 12v or 24v operation, all battery types 24 way long life LED annunciator
FD4e Operating Manuals
English Manual French Manual German Manual Spanish Manual Dutch Manual Italian Manual Polish Manual Russian Manual Czech Manual Turkish Manual Swedish Manual Slokavian Manual Hungarian Manual Portuguese Manual Romanian Manual
Typical FD4e Drawings
Typical schematic and NEMA 2 cabinet Drawings NEMA 4 Cabinet