MFP/EN12845/DOL & SD motor controllers

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MFP/EN12845/DOL & SD/01 Click to enlarge
ISO 9001

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Full datasheet
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The Metron Eledyne Motostart type MFP/EN12845/DOL/01 and MFP/EN12845/SD/01 ranges of electric motor fire pump controllers have been designed in accordance with the latest requirements of EN12845 for electric motor driven firewater pumps for automatic sprinkler installations.

The standard range covers all motor ratings up to 315kW in both direct online and star-delta reduced voltage starting configurations. Higher ratings and non-standard supply voltage versions available on request.

Components are contained in a locking sheet-steel enclosure, ingress protection rated at NEMA 2 (IP51) finished in grey, rustproof polyester. (Higher levels of ingress protection are available on request)
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